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Dry Salt Therapy for Corporate Wellness

The rising cost of employee absenteeism: The health of a country’s workforce is vital to its economy and ill employees cost companies lots of money. According to multiple reports, that number has fluctuated between $225 billion and $576 billion over the last decade; that’s between $1600 and $4300 per employee.  

Illness is the most commonly reported reason for employees missing work. Not surprisingly, there is a dramatic spike in absenteeism rates each year during cold and flu season (due to respiratory issues).

Workplace absenteeism can prevent companies and employees from reaching their full potential for the following reasons:

1.     The absent worker is home and not able to work and/or reimburse. 

2.     Other employees must pick up the slack of the absent worker, which may affect the performance of their own job. 

3.     The worker may decide to come to work, but not perform their job at the appropriate level due to their condition.

4.     By coming to work, the individual may spread their illness to several employees and cause them to miss multiple work dates.

Missed workdays have a profound financial effect on companies. It is beneficial for most businesses to implement strategies to monitor, reduce, and respond to absenteeism. 

Promoting health in the workplace by taking preventative measures would be beneficial for all. Recommending Dry Salt Therapy is worth investing in for every business, whether it is large or small, and should be part of that strategy.


How can Dry Salt Therapy help Corporate Wellness?

Natural and safe with no harmful side effects, Dry Salt Therapy is a complementary treatment, that has been successful in alleviating respiratory issues such as asthma, coughs, colds, flu, sinusitis, and allergies. It also helps with skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis, and eczema. The negative ions of salt have also shown to reduce stress, anxiety, and fatigue. These are the exact elements that are causing much of the absenteeism from work each day. Healthy lungs, clear skin, and enhanced immune system, allows for longevity in the workplace.  Healthy employees are happier, more productive, and less likely to miss work.